Care Of Your Tinted Glass

It is important not to wind down windows for at least 48 hours after installation. It is also important not to clean the glass during the drying period, normally 21 days.

To Clean, simply apply the “Window Tint Cleaner and Protector” as directed. Do not use abrasive cloths, brushes, powders or ammonia-based products. It is recommended that a microfiber cloth is used.

Important Notes

An almost invisible, very fine splice or join line may appear on windows which require two or more sections of film to completely cover the given area. This is not a fault in the film.

The barely visible clear border around the edges ensures that the film is properly bonded to the glass. A slightly hazy or milky appearance caused by the water between the film and the glass will disappear along with any water bubbles. A  few small particles or points may remain. These are generally only visible from the outside and inherent to the film adhesives. These points or light reflections do not affect the performance of the film in any way nor deemed to be a warrantable fault.

Product Warranty

To obtain warranty service, simply contact us. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty coverage. The warranty card must be completed and stored safely along with any other warranty documents. This warranty is only valid to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Installer’s workmanship Warranty

Workmanship is warranted by us for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. After this time the film and labors components of any warranty claim under the installer’s workmanship warranty will be charged.

Note: The installer’s workmanship warranty is not covered by the manufacturer’s film warranty.