Vehicle Safety & Collision Avoidance Systems

Keep your family & loved ones safe with our integrated safety solutions.


Universal rear-view mirror with built-in 4.5″ (PE450C) or 5.5″ (PE550C) Super High-Resolution colour LCD monitor. Allows you to reverse your vehicle safely with the aid of the camera attached at the rear of your vehicle.

The Bluetooth car kit allows you to use the rearview mirror as a screen to display the contact number of whoever’s calling you.

  • Camera input automatically switches on when engaging reverse
  • Night vision camera (optional)
  • Simply clip over existing rear-view mirror
  • Include additional AV input for DVD player, navigation, etc.
  • Multi-functional remote control (PE550C only)


The system helps the driver to be in better control when reversing. When the car approaches to close to an object in the detection zone, alarm sounds, increasing the intensity in proportion to the distance from the object.

This allows the driver to have a much better control when parking in tight spaces and greatly improving safety and good judgment. When in reverse the system sounds a beep and senses:

  • The first detection zone (within 1.6m from the object).
  • The second zone at ( 1.0m from the object)
  • The third zone at ( 0.6m from the object)
  • Finally, the alarm sounds progressive at (0.4m From the object), advising the driver to stop.


Roof Mount DVD Helios 10.2

Rear Seat DVD Series SV708HVD

Rear Seat DVD Series SV758HVD

FULL HD DVR with 2.4″ TFT Display

  • DR- 901E
  • 150* wide view angle
  • 3 tiers G-sensor sensitivity
  • Slap in suction cup holder
  • 2 power supply methods
  • Cigarette lighter/ ACC extension adapter